Starting a little animation for the game

I've started a little movie for the game while the programmer is a little too busy to code at the moment. It starts off with the city's metropolis shown in full view, with the government's tower in the centre. I try to zoom into the vocal point of the scene, which is the logo on the top of the tower, but I don't know how to animate this with photoshop (I've tried tweening and scaling the picture but it just ends up jerky).

The next shot is of the protagonist, lighting a cigar in the rain. I gave myself a challenge here. Not only will animating the hands be a key feature but also a giant pain in the neck. Oh well, the sooner I learn and get used to it, the sooner I improve. I also have to deal with the lighting in the scene. It is a dark alley but the light is very close to the characters face so a heavy contrast will be had. This makes me uneasy - I'm only ever good at reproducing those, but not so much creating my own. Once again, I embrace this and hope to learn from it.

For now, here's a still from the second scene. I'm pretty sure I messed up the lighting here so decided not to add the flame for now. Maybe I can slip it in somewhere in the middle.


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